Laparoscopic removal of ovarian cysts

Ovarian cyst removal is surgery to remove a cyst or cysts from 1 or both of your ovaries. Laparoscopic surgery uses small incisions and specialized tools. Ovarian cysts up to 10 cm (3.5 inches) in diameter are routinely removed laparoscopically in our division. In some cases in which careful preoperative testing has shown that the risk of cancer is very low, even much larger cysts have been removed laparoscopically. Once separated from the healthy ovary tissue, the cyst is put in a plastic bag which is removed through a small incision at the navel. The time it takes to recover from surgery is different for everyone. After the ovarian cyst has been removed, you’ll feel pain in your tummy, although this should improve in a few days. After a laparoscopy or a laparotomy, it may take as long as 12 weeks before you can resume normal activities. Surgery for endometriosis and ovarian cysts averaged 72 min (range 10–240). Laparoscopic myomectomy and hysterectomy averaged 113 and 131 min respectively (range 25–400). Our results show that while the operating time for most operative laparoscopies is less than 75 min, the range of operating times is great.

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